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our story

Bad River Jerky started out as a small dream from a small town single mom.  As the story goes, I needed and wanted something more, something I could be proud of and hand off to my sons some day.  I wanted the flexibility to be there for my family and be my own boss, as luck would have it , I found the jerky recipes for sale scrolling thru Facebook one afternoon.  What started out as a small scale business has turned into something more-and I get to work with my family while doing so!  When we say based on a tradition, we mean it!  The previous owners had over 40 years of knowledge in the meat industry, and they still work with me everyday to provide the best meat products out there!  So check out our products, you won't be disappointed!

Bad River Jerky

215 N Sanborn Street

Chamberlain, SD  57325

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